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Patient Testimonials

"Saw me on emergency basis. He was knowledgeable and respectful. Staff was so helpful and courteous and treated me like a person, not a ‘patient’. Would definitely recommend this doctor."

"When I went to Dr. Dov Berkowitz I was worried that he will treat me bad and discriminate me (because) I'm a Palestinian Muslim wearing a hijab and he is Jewish (and) from Israel. However, I was shocked (by) the way he actually treated me. He was unbelievably nice, polite, and caring. He treated me with all respect… I wish him the best in life and I recommend everyone to visit with him. There is no discrimination with him - there is humanity."

"(Dr. Berkowitz) was so patient and caring and made my wife feel like someone was really listening… A truly caring person and extremely talented doctor. You are always smiling and happy and that made us feel good as well. I thank you for your time and your talents. You are a true gentleman Dr. Berkowitz and I hope you keep smiling."

"Dr. Berkowitz is not only the greatest doctor but also extremely kind, caring and generous. He is always smiling and in a great mood. His treatment is one of a kind. Thank you for always caring about your patients! Please continue the awesomeness."

"It was my first surgery and I had my reservations but Dr. Berkowitz is in my opinion a top-tier surgeon. Deserves 5 stars, he is worth the wait."

"This doctor’s office is a place that although (I’m) in a great amount of pain, I feel as though I am in good hands. I would (recommend) Dr. Berkowitz to anyone who is in need of an orthopedic doctor or surgeon. Great job!"

"Dr. Berkowitz is the best of the best!"

"Dr. Dov Berkowitz is a very kind and patient doctor… I had both my knees operated on in the past 5 months. Each time I had an easy time after my operation… He explains everything to you and sees you before and after your operation. I'm walking like myself again without pain. Thank you Dr. (Berkowitz)."

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