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Pre-Operative Instructions

When booking your surgery, our surgical coordinator will provide you with the date of surgery, pretesting date and location of the surgery center. Pretesting is done 2-10 days prior to surgery. Pretesting is done in the same surgery center or hospital where your surgery is booked. Blood tests, an electrocardiogram, or chest x-ray may be needed as part of pretesting. If your surgery is booked in Excel Surgery Center located in NJ, you do not need to have pretesting.


Your orthopaedic surgeon may ask you to see your primary doctor to get a medical clearance if you have any medical problems that need to be addressed before your surgery. Make sure to inform your surgeon of any health issues that you may have or if you think that you may be pregnant. If you have certain health risks, a more extensive evaluation may be necessary before your surgery. Be sure to inform your orthopaedic surgeon of any medications or supplements that you take. You may need to stop taking some of these prior to surgery. Before the operation, a member of the anesthesia staff will talk with you about anesthesia options.


The hospital or surgery center will contact you a day before your surgery to provide specific details about your procedure. Make sure to follow the instructions on when to arrive and especially on when to stop eating or drinking prior to your surgery. Please, remember that you should not be eating (no food, no gum, no candy) or drinking (including clear fluids) after midnight the day before your surgery.


If your surgery is booked in Excel Surgery Center or Manalapan Surgery Center in NJ, the centers will provide you with the transportation. Excel Surgery or Manalapan Surgery Center will contact you a day before the surgery to arrange for your transportation. Please make sure to provide us with your correct address.


Please, be sure to make appropriate arrangements ahead of time to have someone (a family member or a friend) with you and to accompany you to go home after your surgery. Please, remember that you are not allowed to take public transportation to go home after surgery.

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