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The Date of Surgery

On the date of surgery, please remember that you should not eat (no food, no gum, no candy) or drink (even clear fluids). It is important that you arrive to the surgery center or the hospital that you are booked in at the designated time. When you arrive to the surgery center or the hospital that you are booked in, you will be checked-in by a member of the staff. The admission process is usually very quick. For your comfort, we encourage you to wear clothing that can be easily removed and stored. Please avoid wearing any jewelry, piercings, nail polish and cosmetics, and leave contact lenses at home or bring your lens case with you. Before the surgery you will meet with your surgeon to confirm both the specific type of procedure you are having as well as the surgical site of that procedure. After the surgery you will be moved to the recovery room and should be able to go home within 1 or 2 hours. Before you leave the surgical center or the hospital you will be provided with post-operative instructions. Please, be sure to to have someone (a family member or a friend) with you to accompany you to go home after your surgery. Please, remember that you are not allowed to take public transportation to go home after surgery.

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